Roni Horn — Give Me Paradox or Give Me Death

In a time where topics like genderqueer’ and non-binary’ are gaining increasing significance, museums and foundations play an important role in fostering and deepening these discussions. As a foundation, we are therefore very pleased to support the exhibition Give Me Paradox or Give Me Death” by the renowned US artist Roni Horn. Roni Horn’s body of work, ranging from photography to drawings and sculptures, reflects a world where everything is mutable and resists fixed categorization. The exhibition explores this idea through three recurring themes in Horn’s work: nature, identity, and language. Her use of duplications and pairs contributes to the perception of identity as fluid. Her works are precise, aesthetic, and simultaneously elusive, giving them a liberating and emancipatory power. 

More information about the exhibition can be found here

ic-download 2024 03 13 Pressebeileger Roni Horn (PDF)
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