Haus Ludwig

The former villa of Irene and Peter Ludwig in Aachen has been the Foundation’s headquarters since 2015. This is the place where everything comes together, where the various connections and relationships that make up our network are bundled, coordinated, and further developed. The building serves as a hub where ideas and information converge. As a symbolic reminder and spatial focal point for the extensive Ludwig network, Haus Ludwig fulfills an outstanding mission. 

The terrace side of Haus Ludwig

Haus Ludwig is a place of work as well as a place of cultural exchange and creative inspiration. Twice a year, our Board of Trustees meets here to make important decisions. Every two years, we invite all the directors of the Ludwig museums. At regular intervals, Haus Ludwig is also the venue for cultural events. 

The building — both the interior spaces on the first floor, the terraces, and the extensive gardens, as well as the architecture itself — tells the story of the Ludwigs as art collectors. Here, one can feel and experience on a small scale how Peter and Irene Ludwig collected for the public on a grand scale. 

Here, their vision of world art can be understood in the form of a microcosm. 

Office in the Haus Ludwig. The work by Roy Lichtenstein is now a replica. The original is on permanent loan to the Museum Ludwig in Cologne

Not everything has remained as it was: After Irene Ludwig’s death in 2010, Haus Ludwig became the property of the Foundation. The extensive renovations that followed transformed the private villa into a productive workspace.