Art Project Vor Ort

At regular intervals, we invite artists to respond creatively to the architecture of Haus Ludwig, including interior and exterior spaces, the history of the building and our foundation’s work.

Vor Ort 2022: Andreas Schmitten

On the occasion of the foundation’s twenty-fifth anniversary in 2022, the sculptor Andreas Schmitten transformed Haus Ludwig into a total work of art. 

In a bold aesthetic gesture, Schmitten emphasized the building’s sculptural qualities by painting the brickwork of the entire façade bright pink. The many decorative elements and historic components of the façade, which are characteristic of the architecture, were left in their original form and now appeared to have been left exposed. Two oversized awnings were added to the front and back of the building. The signal yellow-and-white striped set pieces looked like something out of a Pop Art painting. 

In this way, Schmitten’s intervention not only focused on the villa’s architecture, but also symbolized the Ludwigs’s almost obsessive passion for and commitment to art. The four-month transformation of the house was an opportunity for the foundation to make the public more aware of its workplace as a place of art and encounter.

The project generated a great deal of public interest. Even after the building had been returned to its original state, guided tours for interested visitors are offered on a regular basis, usually in cooperation with groups of friends and patrons of museums or institutions.

Vor Ort 2018: Annette Kelm

In 2017, the Berlin-based photo artist Annette Kelm spent a year exploring Haus Ludwig and the objects housed there and exhibited the results at the Foundation’s headquarters from April to November 2018. The exhibition was open to the public on fixed dates. With Annette Kelm, the works were presented for the first time in the house itself. Kelm’s photographs play with the existing situations and arrangements, creating a kind of picture within a picture.

Annette Kelm on the exhibition: Viewers always discover themselves in photographic images and try to match the photograph with their own images or memories of images. This is different from most sculptures or paintings. When I make my photographs, I think less about the viewer and more about my own experience. Sometimes this is a physical experience, for example when it comes to the size of the image. Often, it is about repetition and the question of the conditions and possibilities of photography.”