Newly acquired ivory carvings from the time of the Gothic cathedrals

The Museum Schnütgen is presenting spectacular new acquisitions: three exquisite Gothic ivory reliefs, created in Paris and in Cologne. They are evidence of an artistic heyday that covered almost the whole of Europe between 1250 and 1350 and was characterised by a lively exchange of the arts. One of these works, the Coronation of the Virgin Mary, was acquired by the Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation for the Museum Schnütgen. The beautiful carvings will be presented from 26 January — 7 July 2024 in a small special exhibition with more ivory artworks from the Museum’s collection.

You can find out more about the new acquisitions and the exhibition in German here

ic-download Elfenbein Faltblatt de (PDF) ic-download MS 4516 Pressemitteilung Elfenbeine 240125 (PDF)
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